Using CBD Oil To Help Pets

Everyone loves to see their pet happy and enjoying their daily lives. The only problem is that you can’t ask your precious pup how they’re feeling. Sometimes, you may even find it difficult to tell if they feel unwell.

CBD hemp oil offers an extensive range of health benefits to both humans and animals. Most people refuse to consume it as it is part of the cannabis family. However, it’s important to note that CBD oil, just like sunflower seed oil is safe to use. It’s usually created by cold pressing hemp seeds, not cannabis flowers. Your dog’s health is critical, but choosing the right product can be quite a daunting task. With the following comprehensive guide, you’ll find it easy picking the best CBD oil that perfectly suits your pet’s medical needs.

KarmaPets CBD Vegan Calming Treats

CBD oil is increasingly gaining popularity because of its incredible therapeutic effects. Nevertheless, not every pet loves the taste of these products. That’s why KarmaPets opted to create Calming Treats that satisfy numerous dog breeds. This CBD brand is infused with high-quality hemp oil and there are 5 milligrams of CBD in every two treats. Both Vegans and dogs enjoy the taste! Blended with natural and organic ingredients that help relieve your pet’s anxiety, seizures, or arthritis, KarmaPets is a great choice for dog owners worldwide.

They’re packed in a recyclable white jar that’s outfitted with a resealable top lid for prolonged shelf life. There isn’t any palm oil utilized in these Vegan Calming treats, as palm oil may be toxic to dogs. Besides, they’re 100% safe and lab tested. So, your dog will only get the best treatment with these treats. KarmaPets gives you detailed information about every ingredient and assures you that it’s obtained from credible American growers.

If your pet experiences anxiety due to car rides, destructive chewing, pacing, seeing the vets, grooming stress, or kennel anxiety, then KarmaPet’s calming treats may just be the right option for you and your pet. Each jar contains approximately 8oz of the treats, meaning that your pet will be getting 105 treats per every jar. And this is enough dosage for one full month of regular use. Besides, these calming treats are GMO-free and contain a low-fat content. Remember, some dogs will consume the treats quicker while others will take it slower.

Serenity Oil

Serenity’s hemp oil is an incredibly reliable product that offers numerous health benefits for your dog. With regular use, your pet will experience significant relief from various ailments, including arthritis, chronic pain, anxiety, and seizures. People who’ve been using this company’s oils with dogs or cats aged over fifteen years have reported that their pets are still going strong even at 20+! If you want your pet to lead a healthier and happy life, make Serenity your ultimate solution. Their high-quality CBD-based products will definitely play a significant role in improving your dog’s current state.



collage cbd

All products are produced in the United States. Serenity doesn’t import or buy any products as they’re affiliated with trusted American farmers who plant it for them. Besides, they also provide a supplement facts label at the back of each bottle should users need to know particular details regarding the ingredients used. If you’re looking for a reliable, all-natural, and effective CBD-based product for your dog, you better start thinking Serenity.

Each bottle holds approximately 2oz of oil. And it’s advisable to apply this hemp oil twice a day; however, the amounts will differ according to the dog’s weight and size. With a high level of Omega-3 fatty acids, Serenity’s hemp oil will help relieve chronic pain within the shortest time possible.

OmegaPet Organic

If you really need to make a difference in your dog’s life, then consider buying OmegaPet’s hemp oil. It’s safe, affordable and offers powerful therapeutic effects. All their products are manufactured from fully organic ingredients so you can rest assured that your dog will only get the best nutrition. This non-GMO hemp oil is extracted through CO2 as well as crystal precipitation.

OmegaPet’s hemp oil has been created with your pet’s health in mind; it’s uniquely designed to help alleviate your dog’s everyday anxiety, chronic pains, seizures, as well as separation anxiety. You’ll need to administer it to your dog on a regular basis until their normal health is restored.

Palmyra Green CBD All Natural

Every pet owner knows how expensive it can get taking care of aging dogs can be: vet bills, medical bills, plus much more). Palmyra Green understands how costly all these can get. That’s why they’ve created quality oils that cost a little cheaper. So, if you want to keep your precious companion happy and healthy, consider buying Palmyra’s organic hemp oil.

They utilize all-natural ingredients and all their CBD hemp oil products are produced in the United States. Their hemp is derived from one of the most reliable farms in America. What this means is that you’ll only get the most nutritious and highest quality hemp oil. Besides, it is safe, all-natural, non-GMO and pesticide free.

The Palmyra Green is suitable for helping your pet recover from surgery. Its powerful anti-inflammatory properties help relieve any swelling, joint pain, as well as stiffness that may occur after surgery. Plus, the oil is also an incredible remedy for treating anxiety or arthritis-related problems.

Our friends at have created a lot of great CBD oil products.

4Paws PET Blend from Restorative Botanicals

Restorative Botanicals provides reliable CBD oil product lines that offer quick relief from numerous disorders. If you’re tired of seeing your dog suffer, then their 4Paws PET Blend will work magic for your dog. You’ll see a great difference in your dog’s mood and behavior within two weeks of consuming this hemp oil.

Their products are infused with other effective ingredients like cod liver oil plus virgin hemp seed oil, which helps your pet get the best effects. Restorative Botanicals hemp oil will help reduce your dog’s stress level, arthritis symptoms, as well as chronic joint pain.

Innovation Organic

Innov8tion’s CBD hemp oil products another great option for those who’re seeking to improve their dog’s quality of life. The plants are obtained from dependable American farmers to make sure that the hemp oil is only derived from potent crops. The plants are then extracted using CO2, which implies that your pet will be consuming an effective, chemical-free product.

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On second of February this year (2003) I have sent a letter to the Home Secretary David Blunkett demanding that he clarifies certain points about dealing with criminal activities of the judiciary, police, legal profession and others. I have, on behalf of the membership of LBD UK and public in general, demanded that he makes it clear as to what is the governments stand on the matter. Copy of the same correspondence has been sent to Blair, Irvine and several others (see http://lbduk.og Letter of Demand link) including those accused of criminal activities. I have so far received the replies from Blair’s and Irvine’s offices, usual junk, fobbing of letters. My totally useless MP, Eleanor Laing, has failed to respond, again. Considering the fact that my ex’s (a thief, adulteress, drug abuser, child abuser, perjurer, forgerer and much more) aunt and uncle are local government councillors, that does not surprise me.

As there was no reply from the Home Office within the given time, I have, just to make sure they have received it, faxed the same letter again to them on Thursday, 20th of February.

Today is 25th of February and still there is no response. I believe that this lack of response cannot possibly be interpreted as anything else but their confession that:




To be perfectly honest, I did not expect much of the response from the public servants who have time after time failed in their duties to represent the wish of the people of this country.

Satanic Blair is desperate to heave us into the war with Iraq against the wishes of the at least 80% of the population. He totally ignores the “domestic terrorism” by his government and judiciary that drives thousands to suicide and destroys the society. In the same time he is very keen to hush up the criminal associations, his and his wife’s.

” Beware the leader who bangs the drums of war in order to whip the citizenry into a patriotic fervor, for patriotism is indeed a double-edged sword. It both emboldens the blood, just as it narrows the mind. And when the drums of war have reached a fever pitch and the blood boils with hate and the mind has closed, the leader will have no need in seizing the rights of the citizenry. Rather, the citizenry, infused with fear and blinded by patriotism, will offer up all of their rights unto the leader and gladly so. How do I know? For this is what I have done. And I am Caesar.”

Irvine, the drunk and adulterer, is very quick to spend money decorating his office (remember THAT wallpaper) but totally unwilling to take the complaints against the judges seriously under the stupid excuse of the “judicial independence”. Does that also mean that they are ABOVE THE LAW?

Blunkett, no matter how brilliant he might be, is INCAPABLE of performing the job of the Home Secretary. One must see what one is signing (or the petty cash authorisation might just turn out to be authorisation for thousands of the phone taps etc.).

Butler-Sloss, who, as the president of the “Family courts”, openly admitted that they worked under the presumption that happy mother equals happy child, consequently contributing to the moral and physical destruction of our society by removal of thousands upon thousands of fathers from their children’s lives.

Our judiciary also include Hale (AKA Brenda Hogget), a feminist. How can any man expect just decision in the court from somebody who has spent lifetime fighting “male oppression”?

Thorpe, an idiot who could not bring his own children up properly yet is making decisions about other people’s. The imbecile who removes the child from the “stay-at-home” father and gives “custody” to working mother.

Hundreds of judges who daily condone and ignore perjury, forgery, lies and deceit by the solicitors, barristers and their clients (in vast majority women) and totally ignore the evidence presented.

Judges who (in “family” courts) operate in secrecy behind the closed doors so public cannot find out about their criminal activities and the constant breach of human rights and their contempt of the law.

Judges who regularly use threats of “contempt of court” and “gagging orders” to stifle the voices of concern and bully the complainants into submission.

Judges who regularly act outside their jurisdiction and therefore produce orders that are null and void.

Oh yes, and the police who steal property while harassing and incarcerating members of the public while failing in their duties to investigate properly the crimes alleged. Who use harassments and bullying techniques to try and dissuade the complaints against them. Who openly breach their code of conduct. Who fabricate and falsify the evidence to secure the convictions. And lots more.

And, of course, there are others. Organisations like CAFCASS, “expert witnesses” and many others – incompetent, under trained, short of resources and very often just so arrogant that they cannot see the right decision for the simple reason that they believe different (and are making a very good living out of the current state of affairs).

ALL OF THE ABOVE, are the reason that we have escalating teenage crime rate, drug abuse, underachievement at school, teenage pregnancy, child abuse, and a growing suicide rate. By failing to (deliberately?) acknowledge the results of numerous surveys and researches they are failing our society, and the people they are meant to represent. Instead they “rely” on figures that cannot be verified or that are so biased and of questionable resources produced by degenerate man hating deviants that dominate the feminazi scene. You can find those in women’s shelters, Woman’s Aid, NSPCC, Media, most colleges and universities and many other organisations.

It is apparent that our government, judiciary and all the “associated trades” are not going to do anything to disturb the best money making industry in the world – destruction of the family, after all, all of those named and listed above (and many, many others) profit handsomely from the proceeds of that destruction. It is also apparent that they are prepared to completely ignore the wishes of the people, break the law, destroy thousands upon thousands of lives, drive thousands to suicide (I personally call that murder by the system) driven by their insatiable greed, desire to control and arrogance.

They are guilty of the crimes against humanity and treason

(and, theft, deceit, perjury, forgery, abuse of the power of the office, child abuse, contempt of the law, murder and manslaughter, fraud, corruption, Human Rights abuse and much, much more).

As it is the duty of EVERY CITIZEN to uphold the law and protect the vulnerable members of the society from the evils of the criminal elements, to preserve the rights and survival of the society


Nobody else but YOU can make the difference.

To get the fuller picture check the following links too (and there’s lot more on the rest of the site):

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LBDUK – Open Letter 1

130 Hanson Drive



IG10 2EA



To home secretary

By recorded delivery


Over the last couple of years I have contacted your department with complaints regarding criminal acts performed by several British judges, i.e. contempt of the law, abuse of the power of their office and their collaboration in fraud.

So far I have always been “fobbed off” with answers about the “judicial independence” and how the government cannot interfere.

As you and I both know, the government, (PARLIAMENT & European Union Provisions (under the combined treaties) IS the highest court in the country so such excuses are NOT JUSTIFIED.

Therefore, I DEMAND that you make one thing clear to me and to the public in general:

is there a procedure in place whereby judges performing criminal acts can be investigated AND CHARGED according to the written law? AS WAS DONE in respect of other matters and allegations, about judges, that lead to prosecutions?

There are just two possible answers to this question:


There are provisions in law to ENSURE judges are accountable and that THEY ACT WITHIN THE REMIT OF THE LAWS they are meant to administer on behalf of parliament IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE JUDICIAL OATH THEY TAKE when they are ‘appointed to serve Justice and the citizens, no other interests.

In any event I demand that the maters I have been raising and now raise again, be investigated by a senior police officer, and that on recognition of the obvious attempts so far, to indulge in the usual constructive frauds, that charges be levelled at them in which case I demand criminal charges be brought against the following judges:

Nicholas Medavar QC, Central London court – guilty of abuse of the power of his office, acting outside his jurisdiction (dealing with child contact and property issues), condoning perjury, fraud and being a party to fraud and theft.
District judge Green (Principal Registry, Principal Registry of the family court
High Holborn, , London) – acting outside jurisdiction, contempt of the law, party to attempted fraud by lending himself and office to such activities..

Mr justice Charles, RCJ London – contempt of the law, abuse of the power of his office, party to fraud, refusal to act upon the law as presented to him, contempt for the evidence before him and attempts to obstruct justice by ordering that evidence be not adduced, bluntly evincing his part in the relentlessly attempted ‘constructive frauds’.
Mr justice Singer, RCJ London – as Charles above.

There are also a number of other participants in these criminal acts that I would like considered for prosecution:

Mz Chaudhry, barrister for the opposition: party to perjury, fraud, theft, presentation of false instruments and forgery, abuse of public funding facility, as a loan for the conversion of assets targeted, to repayment of the improperly secured Legal Aid funding certificate.
Tessa Lindop, Coldham Shield and Mace solicitors, charges as above.
Mrs Janet Lee, CAFCASS “officer” – racial prejudice, perjury, party to SEXUAL DISCRIMINATION, constructive frauds AND BLUNT VIOLATIONS of Article 8 of the European Convention for Human Rights.
Inspector Harvey – Loughton, Essex Police, this man is unfit to be in charge of public servants who aid and abet in theft, falsify evidence, mishandle property, use threatening behaviour and harassment, aid and abet in unauthorised entry, withhold evidence, disregard evidence, ignore rules and procedures of investigation and are thieves themselves (several complaints to the Police Complains Authority have been upheld).
Hugh Fayers, (ex-solicitor, struck off because of embezzlement of clients funds) – perjury, forgery, fraud and providing false information to be used by the police for and in their parts as accessories and promoters of constructive frauds for conversion of targeted assets, (which as I understand it now, it is nothing unusual for / by the police)

All of the above individuals have also shown total disregard for and have violated numerous articles of the Human Rights Act as set out in national and international laws and treaties.

I reserve the right to add more names to the above lists.

The evidence supporting all the charges above is available for your scrutiny at: under following links:



Also see:


There IS NO remedy under the existing PRACTICES for application of Parliament’s and international law and we are truly living in a lawless society. In that case it is every man for himself and all law abiding citizens have a duty to deal with all crimes that are committed either by exercising their rights to ‘citizens’ arrest’ or to apply the law themselves as they see fit.

I have been under constant assault by the criminals listed above, and several others, my health and the future of my children and myself have been totally destroyed. I am therefore not prepared to roll over and play dead anymore. I expect your answer within 10 working days so it can be published alongside this letter at (Letter of Demand link) and on various email lists and forums on the Internet. Failure to respond within the given time will be taken as admission of your inability to deal with this situation and will confirm the state of lawlessness in our society.

If you require any assistance with further evidence you can contact me, anytime on 020 8508 6980.

And, by the way, I do not feel suicidal AT ALL, very seldom go out (unlikely to have an accident), have been robed of everything of any value by the criminals mentioned above and I am awake up to 22 hours a day, so, the burglars have no interest in me (only burglars I have ever come across so far were local police, or does it make difference that they had the only set of keys to my house and had me incarcerated when the theft occurred?).

Len Miskulin

Enclosed: letter to Justice Singer (who had issued a court order AFTER being challenged to stand down, yet another example of wilful intent FOR criminal activities)

Copies to:

Tony Blair, Lord Irvine of Lairg, District Judge Green, Medovar q.c. justice Charles, justice Singer, Chowdhry (via Coldham Shield and Mace), Inspector Harvey and Janet Lee. Eleanor Laing MP, Croat Embasy.

Also to: Media, numerous forums, groups, websites and email lists worldwide.

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