On second of February this year (2003) I have sent a letter to the Home Secretary David Blunkett demanding that he clarifies certain points about dealing with criminal activities of the judiciary, police, legal profession and others. I have, on behalf of the membership of LBD UK and public in general, demanded that he makes … [Read more…]

LBDUK – Open Letter 1

130 Hanson Drive Loughton Essex IG10 2EA 02/02/2018 OPEN LETTER To home secretary By recorded delivery Sir Over the last couple of years I have contacted your department with complaints regarding criminal acts performed by several British judges, i.e. contempt of the law, abuse of the power of their office and their collaboration in fraud. … [Read more…]

Live Beat Dads UK Mission – LBDUK

Our legislatures have turned into mills, grinding out useless laws in most all areas. At all points, legislation gives an exaggerated importance to political passions and conflicts, and to politics in general. Certain kinds of legislation, inarguably, make things only more difficult for the very people we would like to help. This should be obvious … [Read more…]